Recipe Previews

I’ve decided that since I gave such a long lead time on this year’s deadline, that maybe I should try out a few of the recipes that people have already sent in and take some photos of them while I’m at it.

Oh wait, maybe I’m just thinking/wishing I were that Pioneer Woman. She’s witty and has a cool web site and a cookbook coming out and she has red hair AND she likes photography. I think she was also recently featured in People Magazine. Did I mention she has red hair?  I wonder if she can teach ZUMBA too? She probably is better at not using run-on sentences. I’m afraid our similarities may end with the hair. Drat.

I digress, back to the recipes, I’ll start trying out a few of them and posting some previews in hopes of enticing folks to submit their recipes by November 1. (Even if I’m not as cool as Ree.)


One thought on “Recipe Previews

  1. You are as cool as Ree, you are so multi talented and full of great ideas and info! You are your own domestic diva! I picked up a copy of the magazine and it’s really nice with 3 good recipes. But, honestly I feel way closer to knowing more about her and relating as a domestic diva by being on her blog and site. I would love to go see her on her the book tour…

    I really like your blog, you’ve even been a part of inspiring me to follow my dreams and make one of my own. I’ll let you know when redbootsnroots is ready!

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