The Boss

On my way back from Madison today, I heard Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge. It reminded me that I just saw something about Bruce Springstreen turning 60. (I looked it up…I missed his birthday on 9/23, sorry Bruce.) Could that be? Why is it that the age of a rock icon is making me feel a little nostalgic and well, oldish? I still remember thinking his music was cool not only because I liked it, but probably more so because the cool older kids I knew liked it.

As we watched the end of the movie, “Food, Inc.”, this August I was reminded again how much I do like The Boss. (see link on the right for the movie) His version of This Land is Your Land is great, especially when accompanied by video that reminds you that every dollar you spend is a vote. OK, stepping off my soap box now….

I also just checked my email: if I were really ambitious I could create a video about why I should be a backstage blogger for a Bruce Springsteen concert. I’m not that ambitious, besides, I have two readers of this blog already so I’m very busy keeping up with the demand here:-). Maybe someone I know is ambitious and will take me along to the concert:-)


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