Ta Da! and a bonus recipe…

Visit the Recipes page to find the completed Exchange Booklet!!!!

It’s as finished as it’s going to get! (Unless, you email me with some major errors in which case I will make the changes and email everyone to know that they should download the new version and reprint!)

Remember that it is set up to be printed back-to-back. I find it easiest to select the “Even Pages Only” in your print window and also select “reverse order”. Then after you have printed the first side, feed those through again with “Odd Pages Only” and deselect the “reverse order”.

The cumulative index will be updated shortly as well. Check back in a day or so, I won’t send out an email about that, but I’ll post it here once it’s ready.

What was that about a bonus recipe, you say?
A new friend of ours (her blog is in the works, I believe) shared the magazine “Hobby Farm Home” with me and they have some great recipes! I recently checked out their list of holiday recipes online and found one for Gingerbread.

Growing up, my Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Bob took us to Storybook Gardens every summer. One of our traditions was to go to the little food shop and have Gingerbread. Maybe it wasn’t great quality, but I remember it being delicious. I believe if a genetic link for a sweet tooth is ever discovered, my Grandpa and I certainly shared that genetic make-up.

This particular recipe that I tried not only tasted superb, but certainly brought back really great memories of my Grandpa Bob. What’s even better? I made this for the first time when my parents and my brother were over for dinner so we all were able to enjoy it, with a little ice cream too.

Here is the link for the recipe:

And here’s a little picture of my brother and I at Storybook Gardens back in the day:

Storybook Gardens

Eric and I walking through Storybook Gardens. (circa 1985?-ish)


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