Great Surprises!

Today was full of surprises!

This morning Jim headed to Milwaukee to surprise his brother at work and take him to Michigan for the big OSU/Michigan football game. With the help of my sister-in-law, Jim successfully pulled off the surprise. They watched the Michigan hockey game tonight and I’m sure they soaked up the atmosphere in Ann Arbor.

After picking Graham up from school, we were pleasantly surprised by our friend Marci arriving in the driveway. She not only met the Pioneer Woman at a book signing in Illinois on Thursday, but brought me a signed copy of her cookbook! That was such a generous, fun and unexpected treat! THANK YOU!!!!

AND Graham has determined his was probably the best surprise of all: he was able to ride along to play with Marci’s son for a few hours! AND she made the amazing chocolate sheet cake from the PW cookbook. She was kind enough to send some home with us… I did get a taste before it was scarfed up by the kids:-)

I generally feel overwhelmed these days: by life, by the to-do lists, by the stuff left undone. But today, I’m just overwhelmingly grateful for such incredible people we have been fortunate to meet!


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