Bling and things…

A few new links of note and some odds and ends…

A dear friend and kindred spirit in Southern Minnesota shared her new web site and business with me and I think I have another kindred spirit for her to meet as Julia has been crafting vintage stuff for some time now too. I posted some photos of Julia’s fun work before the sale at Lapacek’s last fall. Fun stuff and fun women!

And just outside of town, my friend Deb, is blogging about her life of farming and living as much off-the-grid as she can. You can find her at  We’ll get her back to Zumba to really make her apron dance soon:-)

Our first ever Zumbathon in Portage was a success as we packed St. Mary’s gym with well more than 100 people for two hours of dancing that raised $2300 for the UW Carbone Cancer Center. You can see some of that at

And to cap off a busy weekend last week, the Dells Blades Mites team had the opportunity to be Bucky’s Mighty Mites for the UW v. UAA men’s hockey game.

I asked for his game face...

Making the final save of the 3-minute game...

Looking all grown up headed back to the locker room.


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