14 pints of raspberries, 2 pies, jam, and pepper jelly

Whew! That was a lot and sure makes me appreciate the fact that I can run to the store in January and pick out whatever I need in a pinch instead of frantically canning ALL August and September when the harvest is bountiful.

It also makes me appreciate my friend, Marci, who is cleaning tomatoes as if she had a magic tomato plant in her kitchen that won’t stop producing! If you need some delicious salsa, though, she’s the one to check with! Marcelina’s Salsa is coming soon:-)

Yesterday, we couldn’t decide what to do for sure but the kids eventually voted on heading to Lapacek’s Orchard to pick raspberries. After that decision was made, half the family ended up staying home for a nap. So it was a Mommy – Son date. We picked 7 pints of raspberries and packed up for home to make jam and pie. At 10pm we finished filling the pies and put them in the oven and then he was able to make his own little “tarts” out of the leftover pie crust. That was the kiddos’ breakfast today. They must have been OK, despite his choosing not to add any extra sugar, because the request was can we please go pick MORE raspberries and make more tarts today.

So, back to Lapacek’s we went for another 7 pints. We did share a few:-) I had hoped to hit the Craftacular show in Madison, but that didn’t happen. We also tried a short boat ride with friends on Lake Wisconsin but the choppy waters were not cooperative. So it was back home to make pepper jelly.

I should probably be freezing the 6 pints of raspberries left in my fridge right now, or making jam that actually sets up instead of the “sauce-like” stuff I made yesterday. However, I’m moving on to something else for now:-) Or, maybe I should go workout to counteract all the eating I’ve been doing while making this stuff!


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