Add it to the Zucchini Cookbook

While my parents were on vacation, we gathered a few VERY large zucchini and summer squash from their garden. Though, I’m not sure my Mom believed me as she returned to quite a few large zucchini in addition to that.

Hating to waste anything that someone I know cared for and raised, I found a few moments today to make some Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes from a recipe I found on another blog. I can’t say how I first found Helene’s blog, but I’m pretty sure it had some tasty baked good on it the first time I landed there. This particular recipe was interesting to me as it’s from a cookbook of a restaurant and Victoria, BC. Now, I haven’t actually been to this restaurant, nor do I know it. But, I loved Victoria when I visited there and now it also makes me think of K* and her Mom. So, she’ll be receiving a few of the cupcakes too:-)

The batter is quite thin and I wasn’t sure if I had it right as we had to fill the cupcake liners nearly to the top and had 24 cupcakes. I don’t have large size cupcake pans so we just did regular ones and baked for about 22 minutes. That might have been a bit long. Given all the butter, oil, eggs and zucchini, I think a little less bake time would have kept them a bit more moist. Nonetheless, they fulfilled my VERY strong chocolate desires today!

Peace, Love & Chocolate (and, yes, I did use Gail Ambrosius chocolate chips in mine)


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