Cookies and Carving

This weekend I made some triple chocolate cookies at the request of our son. Usually we make a double-chocolate chip cookie with cocoa and use white chips. I didn’t have any white chips so we tried a new recipe from Midwest Living. The recipe was featured in the same article that Krista’s Kitchen’s Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies were featured. I can’t make these things again soon…or I’ll need a new wardrobe in a much larger size. They are a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and then you frost them with chocolate frosting! I used Penzey’s cocoa and yum-o they were good! Recipe to follow soon…

Here’s what’s left:


remnants of these yummy cookies...


We visited Lapacek’s Orchard today as well and talked to Kim about their upcoming Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holidays. I’m trying to encourage my Dad to sell some of his carvings. Check out these that I have in my house (and I’m not parting with these particular ones!)


Wood Float Spirit carved into a vintage fishing net woodfloat.



One of my very favorites, lots of details!



My old world santa collection that stays out all year long!



Pitcher, Catcher, Coach and Umpire! These are amazing and NOT up for sale!



One thought on “Cookies and Carving

  1. Kari,
    Bob so needs to sell his art! I would definitely purchase his carvings–I never knew he did that. You have quite the talented family, miss! How fun–tell your dad I will be looking for his items at Lapacek’s in November…

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