Harvest Dinner

Today was truly a beautiful fall day and I feel so blessed to have shared so much of it with some of the most amazing women I know and their families!

A group of us started the day with the Hot Chocolate 5K in Middleton this morning. It was a crisp and cool fall morning, but we were all warmed up by the end of the run /walk (WALK for me!). It was such a nice time to chat with friends and enjoy the great morning! We followed it up with brunch and headed home so that we could all prepare for the evening.

Deb and her husband hosted our very own local foods harvest dinner, and her children hosted a gallery night for the children to display their art (a great idea!). It was again a beautiful evening and their wonderful house on the hill was a perfect setting. The food was delicious and the company was divine, and I’m not exaggerating! I feel so very fortunate to spend time with all of these intelligent, talented, funny and lovely women and their families!

Deb used a recipe from The Grassfed Gourmet cookbook for the ham from Rainbow Hill Farm. Krista made a delicious soup with butternut squash, onions, apples and bacon. Julia made potatoes from her very own garden. Cheryl made a quiche with eggs from their chickens. Both Deb and Julie made cabbage dishes, one cold and one hot, but both delicious. Krista brought her “famous” bread!  There were appetizers with goat cheese and Marcelina’s salsa and chips. There was also plenty of wine and beer.  And then, there was dessert.

Ah, dessert. It is the delicious thorn in my side. The Kristas provided dessert: one bringing the quintessential fall dessert of apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and the other bringing an unforgettable chocolate cake. Thankfully, we worked in a little Zumba on the patio afterward to help burn off a few of those calories. Hopefully, they’ll be a recipe to follow for that chocolate cake.


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