Here’s a real nutjob

or “the meaning of unconditional love”

or “top reasons I’m a Halloween Scrooge”

or “My application for mother of the year”

I’m not quite sure what to title this post, but I thought I would share my son’s Halloween costume. As a UW-Madison Alum and Badger fan, I had to cringe a few times as I crafted his costume request. Yes, it’s true, my husband has modeled the behavior and the boy has followed. He’s an OSU fan, at least for football. (They’re not hockey converts!!)

All that considered though, I was relatively happy with our “Brutus the Buckeye” costume result. AND, I’m positive this took FAR less time than the piece of toast costume from a few years back. I’m also very grateful for the fact that I only had to craft ONE costume and the “tooth fairy” was pulled together from stuff we had in the dress up box. Love that girl too!

Here’s the “how-to” since I tried desperately to find one when I was crafting Brutus. I’m sure you’ll all be clamoring to make one of these sometime soon 😉

Brutus’ head: I started with a paper lantern that I was thrilled to find on clearance at World Market. We squished it with duct tape to start, but who knew duct tape was super stinky?! We ended up ripping off ALL of the duct tape so he could stand to put his head inside this thing without it smelling so awful. We also had to trim off the bottom wire so it was an opening large enough to fit his head into. Then, I shaped it a bit, stuffed it with newspaper and lined that with soft fleece.

Then, we wrapped the outside with fleece. Now, if I were doing this again, I would probably have been a bit more careful about this and actually sewn the seams in, but I was (of course) doing this on Saturday and cramming. So, it’s taped and glued and the folds are apt to come undone, but it’s there for now!

Time to add a spot for the face.

An aside, while I was crafting this costume, a post came through on the Smitten Kitchen blog that I follow about “Buckeyes”, the candy. The ones that look like the photo above but MUCH smaller and chocolatey-er and filled with peanut butter. Oh, how I really wished I were making (and eating) those while instead I was crafting this inedible nut that’s not really a nut. Did you know? Buckeye nuts are A) not actually nuts but the fruit of the Buckeye tree that is actually a capsule that holds 2-3 nut-like seeds and B) they are thought to be poisonous for cattle and most likely humans too. I guess that’s why you are supposed to fear the Buckeye.

Creating the face: I think the actual mascot probably “sees” out of it’s mouth, but we had to figure a way for the eyes to “sort of” line up. It’s best if you don’t look at our Brutus from the back side as it looks a bit lopsided, but from the front we were able to make it line up. We used some tulle and colored it black (as I didn’t have any in black). That was the mesh for the eyes that were created out of white foam and glued down.

We are fully aware that Brutus’ hat is actually gray, but this was the hat we had on hand that we were willing to modify to work for this purpose. We did cover up the bill with red and I found a block “O” applique for 29 cents.

We decided that the towel would make the outfit a little more clear as we are not amidst a sea of Buckeye fans here, most people were probably going to wonder what the heck he was!

I also wasn’t able to find a red and gray striped rugby shirt so we whipped up this creation with duct tape. Ever watched the show “Red Green” on PBS? That’s all I could think of while completing this stage.


drum roll…

script Ohio…

O – H -…

I – O…


One thought on “Here’s a real nutjob

  1. I can not honestly believe that you did this! Shame on Jim for corrupting your son! I totally nominate you for mom of the year!!! Although, I do like the buckeye chocolate candy around Christmas time…

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