Embarrassing Moment #1 billion (but who’s counting?)

For Immediate Release
December 1, 2010

In breaking fashion news, a suspected attempt at the latest trend in hair was spotted at  “Kiddie Christmas at the Indian Agency House.” It’s rumored that a local Zumba instructor was seen sporting little girls’ brightly colored hair clips. Sources at the scene say that the individual in question waltzed through the place as if it was no big deal that she was flashing pink and purple clippies on the left side of her wildly unruly red hair.

Some fashionistas and mothers in attendance were appalled at the attempt, especially when paired with a dingy Columbia coat and worn out Lands’ End Mocs. One source was overheard mumbling, “Can you believe the that woman thinks she can pull off clips that belong on her almost-five-year-old?”

However, another source was overheard wondering, “I bet she doesn’t even know they are in her hair.”

We at Sassy Fashion Faux Pas suspect this to be the case:

After multiple attempts to reach the instructor in question, the following was reported to have been blurted out by the subject at the local Subway restaurant, “Whoa, the husband-of-the-year and children-of-the-year awards are out of reach now! Did you think it might be a good idea to let me KNOW I had purple and pink clips in my hair at a PUBLIC event, with people I KNOW and some I only SORTA know??!!! Was ANYONE going to mention this???”  Uproars of laughter and giggling from small children and aforementioned husband are rumored to have been heard after this comment.


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