Hot Tomato!

My table is now covered with tomatoes courtesy of Ms Marcelina! (Tastiest salsa around, let me know if you need her contact info as I’m pretty sure she’ll have a bunch of salsa ready soon!) Thank you! And the tomatoes were provided in such an attractive bag 😉

I’ve been taking a few pics here and there to post on the blog, but the time to actually post them has escaped me. Earlier this week, I made my friend Amy’s “Healthy Cake,” as her son calls it 😉 Yes, it does have zucchini in it. That’s the extent of healthy, but delicious it is!!!  It was a great reminder to me for why I continue to put together the annual recipe exchange each year. Amy and her family just moved about 3 hours away from here. For the last few years (five?) they had lived just around the corner from us. They are great people, wonderful friends and were tremendous neighbors. They are the kind of people who don’t just say, “hey, let me know if you need help”, they actually make sure you have help when you need it… random stuff like witnessing power of attorney signatures the night before surgery for us (on their anniversary), randomly watching our kids, sharing their “much handier than us” skills, and so much more. We will miss them, BUT because I have so many of Amy’s great recipes I will think of them often, every time I flip through the recipe booklets or make one of her recipes.

And, if you are overrun with zucchini, check out her chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe!!! (I think it’s in the 2009 booklet). YUM! Here’s a photo of it in the oven…no time for photos afterward, it’s too good!

A week or so prior to that, I had been jonesing (how does one spell that?) for a mojito after we had such tasty ones in Orlando at our Zumba convention. (And no, you don’t get the pics of us in Orlando at Opa!) Another wonderful friend dropped off the supplies for Mojitos…that’s just how she is too. A bit like rubbing a magic lamp with that one, she just appears with what you asked for. I sure hope she knows I would be her friend even if she didn’t show up on my doorstep with mojito supplies or whatever I had happened to mention that particular day that she took note of!

The Mojitos were yummy! (Well, I thought so! Jim thought I put in too much mint-infused simple syrup but that just meant more for me!)

Tonight, I’ve had the same craving, but I was considering trying the recipe for skinny mojitos that I saw on my new favorite blog. Move over Pioneer Woman, I can relate even more to an Iowan and I really enjoy Kristin’s “Iowa Girl Eats” blog. She’s as cute as can be, but even better her recipes are yummy and her humor just right. Check it out! I made her turkey bruschetta burgers the other night and EVERYONE in my house ate them and LIKED them!  If a recipe is easy (and the burgers were!), includes a “balsamic reduction” (drizzled on the burgers!) AND my children liked it….THAT’s a winner!

Now, don’t get too excited about my “gourmet skills” here. It’s the only meal I made all week…we’ve been on the run! I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is my tenth Zumba class of the week to teach, and then I’m off to an African Dance Master Class (Zumba-style) tomorrow night. I need a nap already! Guess I’ll skip the skinny mojitos and try those another time…



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