It’s Green and I Ate It…and liked it!

My college roommates and pretty much anyone who knew me prior to the age of about 20 will know that the only green things I ate back then were in the form of green kool-aid, green jello or green frosting. Well, gladly I’ve grown up a bit 😉 Tonight, I dabbled with Kale and it was a success…

Aside from a few attempts with Kale, I had never made much with it. Alas, our CSA had some in it last week and I just cringed at the thought of tossing it out or letting it go bad. So, Smitten Kitchen to the rescue again: I just whipped up a batch of Baked Kale Chips. And truly, they are so good that I should probably run photograph them now for proof that I did it but I believe her pics will better show them off.

I sprinkled mine with a little sea salt and tried a few with a bit of garlic powder and a few with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast. All around yummy! My husband liked them…and the kids are in bed so I’ll see what I can put past them tomorrow:-)

If you’ve not checked out the Smitten Kitchen blog, you’re missing out! So many interesting and yummy things over there. I also used her slow roasted tomato recipe a few weeks ago when overrun with tomatoes. Again, I think I ate the equivalent of 5 or 6 tomatoes when those came out of the oven. Very yummy!

OK, off to bed, right after I sneak a few more Baked Kale Chips!


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