Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 1 – Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

In an effort to spread out the work of this recipe exchange venture and not stress out about it so much, I’m hoping to post one recipe a day until I have the booklet complete and you can download the whole thing. This way you get a sneak peek as well and can start using some of these recipes ASAP.

Today’s recipe comes from my friend and fellow Zumba instructor, Linda. She knows that today is my first day on a gluten-free eating journey to see if this will help me overall with a variety of symptoms that I’m hoping to say farewell to soon. I think she also knows that my go-to “I’m stressed out” food is a chocolate chip cookie. (Ah, yeah, who are we kidding here? I tend to eat WAY too many chocolate chip cookies if they are in my vicinity…might have something to do with the aforementioned symptoms to be rid of! I’m also working on willpower and the mindset that one is enough 😉

Anyhow, I am truly blessed to have found a friend in Linda through Zumba, AND it’s just a bonus that she is a wellness coach and has a background in nutrition as well! Thank you, Linda, for looking out for me!

She found a Wheat-free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe online that she recommends. Here is the printable:

Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

On a similar note, RecipeGirl recently posted a version of a Wheat-free chocolate chip cookie as well. ( I’m trying to avoid using gums though (like xanthan gum) so I’m trying Linda’s recipe find first! I’ll report back in some day (who knows when) when I’ve tried them both out.

*** Tami (see Day 2) made these cookies already! Linda’s recipe, not the Recipe Girl recipe. They are yummy! I ate only one, promise!***


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