Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 4 – Salads and MORE

Two of today’s recipes come from my Mom who is an excellent cook and baker. Lately though, she’s been busy in her upstairs workstation crafting felted wool mittens, bags, handwarmers and more for the big sale at Lapacek’s Orchard this weekend. (Friday and Saturday!) Check it out – link on the side! My Dad will have his handcarved Santas there and my friend Julia will also have jewelry and other fun and funky stuff for your home too! Truly, there will be a lot of really great gift items (or for yourself!).

I went a little crazy formatting today so you get some bonus recipes too: one from my dear friend Krista who is just one of those amazingly awesome people all around. What else can I say? She’s great and a foodie too! Her recipe is for the COSI restaurant Signature Salad — Yum!

Then, because we all need some treats now and then, we have a recipe from the husband of  Linda whose recipe was featured yesterday. Craig’s recipe is another restaurant clone: Cinnabons! Probably a good thing I’m going gluten free right now or I would be inclined to whip up a pan of these this weekend and probably eat them all myself anyhow! Yikes! Enjoy!

We have many more recipes to come so keep checking back. Some amazing desserts and main dishes have all been submitted, and if you have something you wish to submit you can still send it to me on email! Have a great weekend!

Oh, and if you really like a recipe that’s posted, humor me and leave a comment so that the rest of us can find out which ones have been made to rave reviews:-)

Nutty Cauliflower Salad & Easy Garbanzo Bean Salad

COSI Signature Salad
Cinnabon Clone


2 thoughts on “Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 4 – Salads and MORE

  1. I made your mom’s Nutty Cauliflower Salad today but I tweaked it so Logan could eat it. I omitted the Mayo and used Greek Yogurt instead also used pistachios as that is what we had at home and I omitted the craisins. It was delicious, he loved it. Thank you for a great recipe.

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