Things I would Devour if only they were gluten free…

Well, WordPress doesn’t seem to be cooperating today as I wanted to share some yummy looking stuff… Maybe that’s a sign that we shouldn’t be eating this stuff…  I’ll try one more time:

1) Salted Caramel Six Layer Chocolate Cake – OH MY – you must click this link at least to just see the pic (or look at the pic in the list here: Thanks to Iowa Girl Eats for pointing this one out!

2) The version I can actually make as it doesn’t have gluten:
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate – Jim and I tried one of these Starbucks’ treats in NY and LOVED it!
– Note – I just tried this recipe and also used her recipe to make my own caramel sauce. It was a massive FAIL! Definitely make sure you read the comments on her caramel sauce recipe if you try to make it. I don’t have any more heavy cream hanging around so I won’t be able to make this tonight 😦

3) We also tried a Pumpkin Scone with it in NY. Also delicious, but not gluten-free. I’ll stick with the hot chocolate for today! However, if you’re game for trying it, Recipe Girl has a copycat recipe that people have commented that they like even better!

4) Didn’t make it to Lapacek’s Orchard for their craft sale and apple cider donuts? Smitten Kitchen has never let me down with the recipes there, but I haven’t tried this one. I did try a different version a couple of years ago (before Lapacek’s did donuts and while we were still missing the amazing fresh donuts from the Apple Hut in Beloit). I’m not a fan of smelling like a vat of oil so I prefer to buy apple cider donuts, but if you’re game you might want to try this recipe.


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