Festive Foods

Every family seems to have their own idea of traditional Thanksgiving foods once you get past the proverbial turkey. Or maybe it’s just that the interpretations of the standard sides are bit different. Growing up, we always had homemade rolls with Thanksgiving it seems. And I probably remember that most as I would NOT eat much of the other stuff. Anything that was made in a casserole dish was not apt to find its way into my mouth as a kid. I’m a little more forgiving now, and given the gluten-free trial I won’t be partaking of the dinner rolls this time around.

However, if you are making your own rolls, I did make some from scratch last year and it was a sneaky way to get in some veggies in my daughter’s diet 😉 These Butternut Squash Dinner Rolls from Taste of Home online turned out quite well.

I’m almost always responsible for bringing mashed potatoes to my husband’s family’s gathering as well. I usually make two kinds that have both been included in past recipe exchanges: Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes from the 2004 Exchange and Loaded Mashed Potatoes from the 2006 recipes. Usually, the Loaded ones are gone in a flash, especially if the kids are allowed to fill up their plates first!

My sister-in-law Amy also often brings the snacks that we munch on during the day before the big meal. The Fast Fiesta Dip she brings is usually gone quickly with 20 people hitting the bowl. This recipe calls for Fiesta Ranch Dip Mix (by a big name brand that isn’t paying me so I don’t have to list their name 😉 Having just looked at the package I see it’s also full of longwinded ingredients that include MSG. I think if I make this again, I’ll try it with this Fiesta Ranch dip mix copycat recipe: 1/2 c. dried parsley, 1/3 c. minced onion, 1/4 c. dried chives, 1/3 c. chili powder,  1/4 c. ground cumin,  1/4 c. salt.

And on the topic of dips, I really like the Healthy Ranch Dip on Tracie Hittman’s blog. Great with veggies or whatever you prefer, or thin it a bit with milk for a dressing. I have some in my fridge right now!


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