Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 7, part 1 – Get Bakin’

A kind Zumba fan sent me some gluten-free resources today. Her child has food allergies and it reminded me of the days when my baking was focused on a cookbook called “Bakin’ Without Eggs,” because we had a kiddo with egg and nut allergies as well. Should you need to be egg-free in your baking, it’s worth looking into that cookbook.

These recipes from Vicki and Marilyn, on the other hand, aren’t really allergen free, but they look like they are probably delicious!

Vicki is my cousin’s wife and, more importantly in my daughter’s world, she’s “Kirsten’s Mom!” Kirsten happens to be the pitcher on the state championship softball team my Dad coached last spring. Vicki does have two other great kids too! She is also known for providing yummy treats for the team (and their coaches and coaches’ grandchildren) after games.

Marilyn lived across the hall from me in college my freshman year. I think that means she knew me when I still hardly ate things that were green if they didn’t say “jello” or “kool-aid” on the package. She is now a Mom of some adorable little girls herself. Enjoy her apple bread recipe!

Today’s Baking-Focused printable (meaning if I get my act together there might be a Day 7, part 2 post;-):
Apple Bread & Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread


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