Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 7, Part 2 – Salads

Apples and Cranberries just sound like fall to me, so I had to include Becky’s recipe for this Apple Cranberry Salad BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Becky and I have known each other for ages, AGES, I say! But, now that we actually live about five minutes away from each other we rarely if ever cross paths. Crazy! She has always had a knack for food and her Mom always had tasty treats when I stayed at their house growing up too. In fact, there are some foods and “family traditions” that immediately make me think of her family as if it were my own. Among them, her Mom always had Anise candy at Christmas and her Mom makes this amazing topping for Angel Food Cake and lots more! (My Mom shipped Becky her chocolate chip cookies during college šŸ˜‰

So Day 7, part 2’s printable includes TWO salads from Becky:
Sesame Chicken Noodle Salad and Apple Cranberry Salad


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