Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 8 – More sides/snacks

Today’s recipes include one more from my friend Becky, a salsa, and one from me…sort of. I’m including a recipe that was shared at a cooking class my brother took me to for a gift. We had fun watching the dishes prepared and testing them out, and I’ve made three of the four recipes again since the class. (I’m not apt to ever make the Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu, but if you really want that recipe let me know ;-).  The recipe I’m including today is for a Morroccan Carrot and Orange Salad. It was a great treat in the summer as it’s light, but I think that it would be a nice treat in the winter when you tire of roasted root veggies and still have some carrots hanging out in your fridge. (I know we had a big bag of carrots in our last CSA share.)

Today’s printable recipe page:
Homestyle Salsa and Morrocan Carrot and Orange Salad


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