Recipe Roundup 2011 – Day 10 –

Well, so much for that sleeping thing. I’m awake from getting actual work done and thought I might as well get a head start on the next day’s post. So, here is your next round of recipes:-) The first is a gluten-free recipe from a fellow Zumba instructor, Erika! I’m so fortunate to have landed in this Zumba gig for so many reasons, but truly the very best of those reasons is the amazing people I’ve been able to meet both locally, regionally and beyond! Erika is one of those incredible people, and hey, I’m thankful for the chance to teach with her next week too (shameless plug – free class with food pantry donation at Marley’s in Wisconsin Dells on Wed, 11/30!)

The second recipe is another from Vicki (aka Kirsten’s Mom!). I haven’t made monkey bread in ages! I would try it again if it were not for the gluten gig, but here’s my story on my separation from monkey bread. Shortly after we were married, we had Jim’s sister and her family spend the night at our house. I made monkey bread in a tube pan as a treat the next morning…but not in a bundt pan, instead in more of an angel food cake tube pan. REALLY. BAD. IDEA. The gooey, sugary stuff oozed out ALL OVER my oven. Ah, the smell, the mess, the stickiness, and mostly the culinary embarrassment! That’s been about 10 years, or so. I guess I could try it again now 😉

Today’s recipe fun:
Almond Meal Pancakes and Monkey Bread


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