A Between Turkey Meals Dinner

At our house, every other year we end up doing a double-dose of Thanksgiving: once with my family, once with Jim’s. (On the off years, my family goes ahead and celebrates without us and we don’t gain 1o pounds in the weekend by having a “second” turkey feast) This year is a double-turkey year. So for tonight when it’s just the four of us at home, we’re having non-turkey:  pork chops. And we’re trying this recipe for Slow Cooker San Francisco chops.  I’ll report back again on that one later 🙂

**An addendum - the Slow Cooker SanFran Chops were quite good.

I’ll also be whipping up Loaded Mashed Potatoes (Check the 2006 exchange, page 10) to take along with us tomorrow. And even though I’m sure there will be plenty of desserts, I’m taking a Crustless Pumpkin Cheesecake so that I have a gluten-free option for dessert. (You know, because dessert is truly a critical portion of the meal 😉

Are you tired of turkey? Have some great turkey leftovers recipes to share? Post a comment or include your link to recipes here 🙂


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