Ashley Judd

PHOTO: Ashley Judd visits Portage.
Our whole family walked a few blocks (some of them a bit grudgingly, but they’ll remember it forever…) to see Ashley Judd at the local Democratic Campaign Headquarters. I have always been a fan of hers and she cemented that for me when she wrote an amazing piece on her web site regarding women and the public discussion of our bodies in response to negative public comments about her appearance. (She is still stunningly beautiful even without photoshop!) Women should read it regardless of your political leanings:

My favorite tidbit of wisdom from her yesterday was her reminder, “What comes from the head goes over the head, but what comes from the heart goes straight to the heart.”

So from my heart, I encourage you to read her essay “The Conversation” and consider how often you have critiqued other women both publicly and privately and consider how the knowledge of those critiques BY other women OF YOU have shaped who you are today. We have all experienced it and we may not be able to stop anyone else, but we CAN have the personal integrity to set the example ourselves from here on out.


One thought on “Ashley Judd

  1. Amazing ‘Conversation’ about gender, culture and perception. I am impressed by Ashley’s knowledge, passion and intensity and agree wholeheartedly that women need to pay attention to how they participate in their own ‘conversations’ about one another.

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