Time for a fresh start

With the help of some good friends and neighbors over the last couple of weeks, we made the transition to a new home and a new city, all a week earlier than we originally planned. In an odd way, it feels like we quietly slipped out of town even though people have known we are moving for quite some time, but the final farewell felt oddly low key. Maybe because we had so much time to think it through, maybe because our closing date was moved up at the last minute or maybe because it was just easier to slip out than to say lots of goodbyes and process the emotions involved with that.

Because we have had our “new” home for almost a month now, we have had time to start to feel accustomed to it. It may not be exactly cozy and organized yet, but our stuff is here and it is slowly starting to feel like home, a different kind of home, but our home nonetheless.

As we make this big change, I’ve also left my “work” life behind too. For my husband, this move had a purpose and brought him closer to his work and made it more possible for him to spend time with the kids more often. All good things. For me, it also means I can spend more time with our kids as well as I no longer have classes to teach in the evening (or the morning, for that matter). In some ways this has been a true blessing. I have been so glad to be able to be at home with our kids in the evenings and not running off to teach classes. We have gone on bike rides, played in the backyard together and just spend some good time together when we haven’t been packing/unpacking, of course.

However, I do miss the interaction with friends and class participants too! And there is that looming question in the back of my mind all the time, “What am I going to do with my life? Do I just get a job or do I really take the time to figure out what my next calling is?” Right now, my answer is, “I just don’t know!” 

So, if you have the magical answer for my “What next?” question, send it my way. If not, that’s OK too, just send a note my way to say hello. I would be happy to pause from unpacking to hear from you.


One thought on “Time for a fresh start

  1. Never hurts to take a little break and refresh. But you have too much talent and too much knowledge not to share it somehow someway. You’ll find your next path when its meant to be..just let me know what it is.

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