The Cast and Crew

Yikes the photos further below are making me a bit teary-eyed… the kids have grown so much. Here is a more recent look:

Our last day at our last home 😦


from City Island, NY

from City Island, NY

from Central Park

from Central Park


Despite her somewhat annoyed look in the photo above, we’re pretty sure Miss Ruby the cat is actually glad to be #5 in our house. She chose to stay with us when our neighbors moved and  we’re pretty glad to have her!

The kids are Bucky and a Badger Hockey player joined by their friend as Herbie Husker. The amazing Bucky costume was largely crafted by Grandpa Bob and Grandma Karol. Let’s hope for a less intensive costume next year!

Checking out Amnicon Falls in Northern Wisconsin.


4 thoughts on “The Cast and Crew

  1. Saw your picture of the Bucky Badger costume and about died!! So incredible! Any possibility that you still have it and would be willing to sell it or rent it out? My son is dying to be Bucky for Halloween!

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